Focusing on the holistic approach to healing, Dr. Roy Heilbron, M.D. & Dr. Angelique Hart, M.D. offer comprehensive care with state of the art equipment.

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Holistic Medical Doctors Clinic with Board certified Medical Doctors and nationally recognized Chelation Therapy experts. Dr. Roy Heilbron is one of five Board certified Holistic Cardiologists in the country. Dr. Angelique Hart specializes in pain management, hormone balancing, and heavy metal detox. Focusing on the holistic approach to healing, both doctors are trained in spiritual healing. Their holistic clinic (located at 1530 Bishops Lodge Road in Tesuque Village, just north of Santa Fe) offers comprehensive care in a home-based old fashioned “country doctor’s” setting, with state of the art equipment and diagnostic tools, combining conventional medicine with integrative approaches. Contact the clinic for more information at 505-983-1293


The doctors offer a team approach and believe that doctor and patient should work as a team towards healing the body, mind & spirit. The clinic offers on site laboratory testing, allergy testing, toxin screens, 3D/4D ultrasound, EKG, cardiac stress test, heart scan, bone density test, brain chemistry evaluations and much more.


The Jump Start Program

Focusing on the holistic approach to healing, Dr. Roy Heilbron, M.D. & Dr. Angelique Hart, M.D. have added one more tool at their disposal—it’s called the Jump Start Program and according to Dr. Hart, “The Jump Start Program is one of the fastest ways to regain your health, detoxify and become symptom-free.”


The doctors have seen what they consider to be miracles with this approach. “For example,” says Dr. Heilbron, “We had a patient referred to us for heart transplant, unable to even walk one minute on the treadmill; legs swollen like tree trunks. After six weeks on the program, the patient walked over seven minutes on the treadmill, lost the swelling in her legs, and recovered over half of her heart function. She no longer needs a heart transplant and is doing great one and a half years later.”

“We had a patient that was over 300 pounds lose 75 of those pounds after 60 days,” says Dr. Hart. “Another patient with chronic fatigue, allergies, anxiety and depression couldn’t go six minutes on the treadmill. Now this person can go over 15 minutes on the treadmill, has no more allergies, and feels great. And a different patient with a 99 percent blocked artery could only walk for one minute. After five weeks, 90 percent of the blockage is gone and this patient can now walk for 26 minutes on the treadmill. I have been so impressed with the results, I do it myself now twice a week.”
For years, the doctors have worked to invent, develop and combine these different elements to create what they consider to be the most effective program on Earth. The program consists of I.V. Therapies, EWOT, Heatmath, EECP, BioCharger, DMT, Infrared Sauna, Nutritional Counseling, Therapeutic Body and Energy Sessions, Crystal Light Therapy, Counseling, Labyrinth Walks and Daily Monitoring of vital signs, energy levels, pain, sleep and mood scores.

The Jump Start Program includes:

IV Therapy: Intravenous Vitamin C, Glutathione and Chelation.

EWOT: Exercise with Oxygen Therapy.  Tissue oxygenation is the key to healing. This therapy gives the patient the ability to exercise without feeling tired.

HeartMath: A computer-based biofeedback system that teaches techniques to help you create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balanced.

EECP: Enhanced Extracorporeal Counter Pulsation. This FDA approved machine gently squeezes the legs with your heart rhythm (monitored by EKG) which increases the blood flow, strengthens the heart muscle, helps to flush the liver and enhances oxygenation of the brain.

BioCharger: This devise is a high-voltage, multi-frequency, resonant transformer that stimulates the body on a cellular level in order to increase health and well-being.

DMT: Dynamic Motion Therapy platform utilizes a safe, patented and scientifically established technology that gently and naturally improves muscle strength and function, circulation and postural stability.

Infrared Sauna: FAR infrared heat helps a person to secrete toxins much faster than a regular sauna.

Nutritional Counseling: Learn how to purchase and prepare healthy foods, juicing and recipes guidelines.

Therapeutic Body and Energy Sessions: These sessions may include therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, polarity or craniosacral therapy.

Crystal Light Therapy: This therapy brings balance and healing to the body from the inside out by combining the therapeutic Brazilian energy crystals, color and light.

Counseling:  Integrating principles and techniques from many therapy approaches, specializing in spiritual practices to foster the process of healing.

Labyrinth Walks: There is no right way to walk the labyrinth; there are no right thoughts to have. Let the experience be your own.

Daily: We monitor your vital signs and energy levels, pain, sleep and mood scores.


Dr. Hart and Dr. Heilbron will design your Jump Start Program tailored to your health and well-being needs.  This may include additional testing, supplements, toxic screenings and other evaluations. For additional information and patient testimonials go to


We also offer:

3D 4D State of the Art Diagnostic Ultrasound Screenings

ALCAT Food Allergy Testing

Board Certified Holistic Cardiologist

Board Certified Pain Management Medical Doctor

Bone Density Screening

Comprehensive Integrative Consultations and Exams

Comprehensive Annual Physical Exams

Echo Cardiograms

EKG & Stress Testing

Full Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor and Scale

Holter Heart Monitor – 24 Hour Testing

Hormone Testing and Personalized Treatments

Infrared Sauna

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

Residential Jump Start Program includes accommodation in our Guest House

Saliva (Hormone) Test Kits

Supportive Cancer Treatments

Urine (Heavy Metal) Test Kits


Biofeedback gathers information about your body and feeds it back to you. It is a way of learning how to control your normally involuntary bodily processes. There are a number of approved devices on the market that help you become aware of these normally unconscious bodily processes. Sometimes electrodes are attached to your skin that (continued…)


Chelation is the process of using chelating agents to remove heavy metals from your body. Chelation describes a particular way that ions and molecules bind metal ions. Intravenous injection of these biochemical compounds help detach and dissolve these harmful toxins from the cells of your body.


Counseling is a way of learning to cope with and heal a wide variety of symptoms. It is a modality that facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning though out the life span of an individual by focusing on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health related, developmental and organizational concerns.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic healing practice that uses very light touching to balance the craniosacral system in the body, which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area.

Crystal Light Therapy

Designed by the Divine Light Beings that work through the renowned Brazilian Medium Healer, John of God, this profound healing system pulses coloured light through 7 clear quartz crystals into your energy field and the 7 main chakra centres. A treatment session is very relaxing and comfortable. The client lies down on a massage table (continued…)

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic tests can be ordered by a licensed physician. Chiropractors, Doctors of Oriental Medicine and Medical physicians use these tests to figure out what is causing your issues. They can be blood tests, saliva tests, imaging tests and more. You can bed tested for allergies to food and your environment, heavy metals, pathogens, and toxins.


HeartMath™ brings the very essential component of emotional self regulation that is at the foundation of vitality and well being. All aspects of healing are then addressed. Physical, energetic, biochemical and emotional. HeartMath™ emWave technologies provide real time, immediate feedback and inspire users to make behavior and lifestyle changes and the technology gives the user (continued…)

Heavy Metal Detox

Checking for toxins the body may have and removing them orally or by IV.

Heavy Metal Test Kits

Monitor your body or environment for the presence of toxic mercury The HMT Mercury kit was developed for Osumex as a simple to use at home test kit for the presence of mercury. It uses chemical reagents that will cause a color change in the sample solution if mercury is present. The chemicals used pose (continued…)

Hormone Balancing

Checking hormonal imbalances and using natural ways to re-balance the body.


Massage is the manual manipulation of muscles and connective tissue to enhance range of motion, strength and relaxation. The word massage is a French derivation meaning the “friction of kneading”. Massage involves working and acting on the body’s muscles with pressure to stimulate and reposition proper body structure.

Oxygen Training

Oxygen training* is the process of breathing high concentrations of oxygen while exercising or standing on a vibrational trainer system, which produces a negative polarity directly into the human body. Exercising while breathing supplemental oxygen may greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma. After as little as 15 minutes of exercising with (continued…)

Self-Care Advocate

Practitioners that provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise to educate their clients to be self empowered to take their health in their own hands.

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