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[Podcast] Can The Way You Think Affect Your Genetics? ❤️

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Getting to Know Your Genetics

Are you doomed if your family has bad genes?

Growing up you might have looked at your parents and grandparents, wondering if you would get their "happy gene" or "talent gene" and praying you wouldn't get their "workaholic gene..." The line between heredity and genetics is fine, but an important one.

During your first science class, you might have assumed genetics and heredity are synonymous. And if you skipped class, then you missed the fact that there are characteristics that are genetic without being hereditary, and vice versa.

I trust there is a slight sigh of relief on this subject now that you realize you are not doomed to be just like your parents, or at the least, not stuck with taking on the challenging qualities. Therefore, I feel you will enjoy listening to my dear friend Dr. Ann Shippy on this episode of my YOUNGER podcast!

You will learn why we want to ease your mind about the inevitable, and help you discover the areas of health to focus on in order to support a youthful aging process no matter what your genetics. We celebrate the science that will give you the confidence you can live a regenerative life, celebrate your golden years and leave the fears of bad genes behind.


The Way We Think Can Affect Our Genetics

with Dr. Ann Shippy

The good news is, you’re not doomed if you have ‘bad’ family genes!

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Ann was an engineer for IBM but had a career transformation and became a doctor, after facing serious health challenges.
  • Dr. Ann works with a wide variety of people: young people who are losing hope with their health and people inspired to have the best health they can; she also helps women have the healthiest babies possible.
  • Dr. Ann shares her process and how she begins to treat a patient.
  • It’s important to take a look at everything, including health and sleeping patterns. Dr. Ann also takes a look at ways her patients can better manage stress. She tries to bridge the best of traditional allopathic medicine with functional medicine.
  • One of the most common infections Dr. Ann sees is mold exposure.
  • How can we best grow older while also feeling younger?
  • Dr. Ann runs a series of tests. She shares what she is looking for to help optimize your health.
  • We have an epidemic of autoimmune disease in this country. Dr. Ann likes to do a screening on these to help her patients incorporate best practices before they occur.
  • What is epigenetics?
  • Our genes can be modified just by the way we’re thinking. How is that possible?

Episode Summary:

Dr. Ann Shippy combines both traditional medicine and functional medicine to help her patients discover what’s really holding them back health-wise. Dr. Ann shares the types of tests she likes to run on her patients, how to best grow older while also feeling younger, and discusses how epigenetics is actually showing us that we’re in control of our own health.

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Top Quotes from Dr. Ann Shippy

It’s really about bridging the best of traditional allopathic medicine with functional medicine.

I really do think we can get better with age, especially the more we learn about our specific bodies.

If you’re not doing as good as you did in your teens, 20s, 30s, that’s something to really look at.

Meditation is one of the best things we can be doing to help ourselves. Even people who think they’re not good at meditating get a huge benefit from meditation.

Dr. Ann Shippy began her career in medicine when the traditional approach and the application of allopathic medicine could not solve her own health issues. At the time, she was working as an IBM engineer for over a decade, but when she became so frustrated with her healthcare situation she decided to leave the field of engineering and attend The University of Texas Medical School.

Dr. Ann’s approach to medicine is a unique blend of measured, precise data with a heartfelt and sympathetic attitude towards all of her patients. This method stems from her engineering background and her own failed experience as a patient of traditional medicine. Currently, she treats patients suffering from any combination of physical, environmental, or genetic issues.


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