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There is a better way…

Did you know good fat = energy for you?

If you like your fats, invest in the good ones for fast energy by grabbing a bottle of Bulletproof XCT Oil 16oz. at Santa Fe Soul and experience the energy conversion first hand! XCT oil helps convert this good fat into energy faster than others’ oils. This product can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels, it supports nutrient absorption as it improves you body’s absorption of the good fats which is necessary for your body. Come by Santa Fe Soul to view the variety of supplements you can purchase today!

It is allergy season in New Mexico and we are here to help! We are just a phone call away to bring you relief! (505) 986-1089

Do you find it difficult to lose weight?
Do you have low energy?
Do you lack motivation?
Is your answer “Yes”?

If yes to any one of the questions above, tells us! It is time to make your appointment with Thomas.

Meet Thomas Myers, BS, AAS, CVAS, Clinical Assistant, and certified Bulletproof Coach at Santa Fe Soul. Thomas has been Dr. Benson’s right hand man with patient care for years at Santa Fe Soul. Thomas has studied and taught qigong and taijiquan arts for over twenty years. He is a graduate of West Chester University where he earned a degree in Exercise Physiology. He also holds a degree in Biomedical Technology and served six years in the Armed Forces as a Medical Specialist. At Santa Fe Soul, he administers therapeutic modalities such as pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy, oxygen training, intravenous therapies, as well as coaching you on how to become Bulletproof. If you are ready to take care of you, click here or call 505-986-1089 for your one-on-one with Thomas.

There is a better way!

Dr. Benson encourages anyone with mind / body health challenges to set up an appointment to learn more about Theta Recovery Programs in the B.O.S.S. room. Santa Fe Soul’s treatment plan options can be designed for anyone dealing with a variety of issues using powerful leading edge therapies. A personal consultation can determine which therapy offers the best benefits for any unique health situation and provides self-care solutions for ongoing support.
Is it time to get in touch with us at Santa Fe Soul for your private appointment today? We are here for you and your loved ones.

Self-care matters…

Dr. Robyn Benson and the Santa Fe Soul Community

Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) creator of A.R.T. (amplified regenerative therapies) Dr. Robyn Benson Dr. Robyn Benson brings an innovative and game changing approach to today’s health care. Robyn offers the most advanced leading-edge therapies, procedures and products designed to renew restore and revive peoples’ health called ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies). Dr. Robyn Benson, author, speaker, self-care and regenerative medicine expert is known by many to be THE health detective with life-changing solutions! She is the owner and founder of Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine for over 15 years. For the past 27 years, she’s applied her considerable knowledge of acupuncture, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, Herbs, IV therapies and her love for healthy travel to help patients resolve acute and chronic health challenges and to achieve optimal and sustainable health. Dr. Benson is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Sports Medicine and a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is a board-certified in orthopedic and pediatric acupuncture.

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