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Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) creator of A.R.T. (amplified regenerative therapies) Dr. Robyn Benson Dr. Robyn Benson brings an innovative and game changing approach to today’s health care. Robyn offers the most advanced leading-edge therapies, procedures and products designed to renew restore and revive peoples’ health called ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies). Dr. Robyn Benson, author, speaker, self-care and regenerative medicine expert is known by many to be THE health detective with life-changing solutions! She is the owner and founder of Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health for over 15 years. For the past 27 years, she’s applied her considerable knowledge of acupuncture, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, Herbs, IV therapies and her love for healthy travel to help patients resolve acute and chronic health challenges and to achieve optimal and sustainable health. Dr. Benson is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Sports Medicine and a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is a board-certified in orthopedic and pediatric acupuncture, a mother, adventure

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