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IV Center of Santa Fe



Renew, Restore, & Revive Your Health

Be part of the superhuman revolution at SANTA FE SOUL Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Are you wired, tired and in pain?

Do you have brain fog, low energy and the blues?

Do you have low libido?

Do you have low immunity?

Give up suffering! Treatment is available!

Intravenous therapies restore energy levels, enhance detox, and promote good health.

Experience one of our signature nutrient IV therapies. Participate in customized programs. Work with experienced practitoners to solve your acute/chronic health challenges. 


Chill Out

Relax, refresh, and beautify with this simple magnesium infusion. This treatment is liquid yoga.

Jump Start

This infusion is a blend of silver, glutathione, magnesium and B complex designed to give you energy and jumpstart your immune system.

Myers Energy Boost

Our signature blend. The classic Myers Cocktail is great for recovery from lack of energy, jet lag, and a good way to beat the blues.


Hydro Helper

Hydro Helper helps with recovery from dehydration. From gut issues that result in lost fluids, to those active individuals who naturally lose fluids through exertion.

Immune Boost

A high dose vitamin C infusion that strengthens your natural defense system. It alleviates colds, allergies, and enhances pre and post surgical recovery.

The Rectifier

This anti-aging formula, the Myers Cocktail and Glutathione, is ideal for that natural glow. This helps improve skin firmness/elasticity while stimulating healthy immunity, and aids in detoxification.


Hangover Helper

Transform with this after party remedy, a blend of the Myers Cocktail and Hydro Helper, will help you to recover quickly from hangovers, nausea, and headaches.

B12 Blast

A tried and true favorite. The B12 shot is a safe and simple and inexpensive way to kickstart your energy levels and improve your mood.

Flu Protect

This simple homeopathic remedy is a safe alternative to the more traditional flu shot.


Thrive Shots

Santa Fe Soul is proud to introduce our new "Thrive Shots".

IM Jumpshot

is a blend of Regenalyn (amino acids), Procaine, and B Complex designed to give your immune system a little Jumpstart

IM Jumpshot/Relax

will relax, refresh, and beautify from the inside out with a blend of Regenalyn (amino acids), Magnesium, and Procaine. This treatment is liquid yoga.


IM Glutathione

is a simple formula, Glutathione, and Procaine is ideal for liver detoxification and lung support.

IM Skin Support

is an anti-aging formula, Glutathione, Carnitine, B complex, and Procaine is ideal for giving you that natural glow. This therapy helps improve skin firmness and elasticity while stimulating healthy hair growth and aids in detoxification.

IM NAD+ with B12 and Procaine

is a safe, simple, and inexpensive way to kickstart your energy levels and improve your mood.

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