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Dara Montoya: Santa Fe Soul Office Manager


Dara’s goal is to ensure that every patient has a terrific experience each time they come to Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine. She greets each patient with her warm welcome and guides everyone back to their treatment room promptly.

Dara is fast in service and checkout and processing. If needed, she submits medical bills in a timely fashion as she confirms each patient understand their benefits. As the Office Manager, Dara makes herself available to answer any and all questions regarding procedures, pricing, and insurance for patients of Santa Fe Soul in person, on the phone or by email:


For the patient with subscriptions to the ART LAB, she will assist them by providing easy access to this beautiful room giving training with access to all modalities.



Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine
2905 Rodeo Park Dr E, Suite 3
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: 505-474-8555

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