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Tesla lights

Tesla Energy Lights are a powerful system, inspired by the work of the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, that fuels your energy, mental clarity and positive well-being.

Combine the lights with Nano-Vi™ technology, which promotes vitality and rejuvenation, and the results are spectacular for:

  • Reducing chronic pain, headaches and eye inflammation
  • Providing anti-aging support
  • Helping individuals with PTSD
  • Improving symptoms of autism in children
  • Clearing negative energetic influences

After multiple sessions, your intentions start manifesting, and this, in turn, makes you focus even more on your goals. The result is a creation of balance, with less stress and resistance and more coherence. Some patients report clearer thinking, positive feelings and higher awareness, others an increased emotional intimacy in their relationships. One of the most common comments after a session is “Wow, what a power nap!”

You can profoundly amplify your healing with a Turbo Acupuncture treatment, combining acupuncture with the frequency from the Tesla Energy Lights.

Add in the Nano-Vi™ technology—a small device the produces moist air that you inhale as you’re lying on the treatment table that triggers your body’s response to oxidative stress damage.

You’ll be amazed at how good you feel! As one client shared: “I was amazed by how quickly my eye started healing, three years after I had three surgeries for a detached retina. A year of steroid drops had no effect on helping clear up distortion and cloudiness caused by the surgeries. But after just a few sessions of Turbo Acupuncture paired with the Nano-VI™ Technology, I noticed a remarkable improvement, long after I had given up on my eye surgeon. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone dealing with any body, mind and spirit issues.”


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