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The Theta Chamber is designed to administer 7 treatments in a single session. These applications are designed to accomplish three main objectives:

  • To induce a Theta brainwave state, creating suggestibility, learning, and healing.
  • To support the hypothalamus to produce normal levels of serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters.
  • To encourage the brain to create new neural pathways.

Inside the Theta Chamber, you will experience:

Binaural Beats

  • Binaural beats are created when slightly offset tones are played through headphones to each side of the brain through the opposite ears.

Micro-current Signaling and PEMF

  • This treatment uses subtle electrical impulses to encourage normal functioning in the neural, cellular networks and neurochemistry of the brain and body.

Visual Pattern Light Stimulation

  • Cranial electrical stimulation. Precise frequencies for 33 different health conditions such as sleep, hormone balance and depression.

Light patterns are computer-generated and calibrated to synchronize with the binaural beats in order to quickly induce the Theta state, open the brain to suggestion and entrainment and promote specific healing rhythms.


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